Johnny PeskyFEBRUARY 2006 - Johnny Pesky

Mr. Red Sox rounds the bases in this extensive interview including all three of the books that he has recently been associated with (The Teammates, Mr. Red Sox, and Few and Chosen), growing up in NW Portland, the baseball clinics that Carl Mays had in Portland, Rocky Beneventto, Bobby Doerr, Dominic DiMaggio, and Ted Williams, breaking up Virgil Trucks no-hitter, Slaughter’s Mad Dash, moving to third base when Vern Stephens arrived with the Red Sox, comments on a number of current players, re-living the Sox winning the World Series in 2004 and raising the WS banner the following year with Yaz, how he feels Major League Baseball would do in his hometown of Portland, and a whole lot more.

MAY 2004 - Kevin Towers

VP and GM of the Padres, and Oregon native Kevin Towers covers the building of Petco Park, coming from Oregon and his love of Oregon sports. Wally Joyner, wedding day trades, the near acquisition of Greg Maddux, to the landing of David Wells, and the way Petco Park and new players have the Padres seeing the NL West championship and beyond.

FEBRUARY 2004 - Dale Murphy

In Oregon, Dale Murphy is baseball's favorite son. "The Murph" embodies what a lot of people want to be. This extensive interview covers his love of Portland, Pete Rose, athletes as role models, his possible induction into the Hall of Fame, and how much an MLB team in his hometown of Portland would mean to him.

DECEMBER 2003 - Rob Neyer

Rob Neyer is more than one of the most popular baseball columnists today... OK, he's that and a great author as well. In our second interview with Rob Neyer, we sit down face-to-face and really get into where Portland is at in terms of the relocation effort, what his thoughts are on the whole process, how long will the Expos remain in Montreal, and what type of ballpark works well in "Bridgetown".

NOVEMBER 2003 - Bob Costas

Broadcast icon, and baseball luminary, Bob Costas is uniquely tied to baseball. So, much so that he's often talked of as being a candidate for the Commissioner's position at some stage. Costas talks extensively about the health and well-being of Major League Baseball, the Wildcard, marketing MLB, whether he has considered being Commissioner of MLB, and how Portland fits into the equation of relocation.

APRIL 2003 - Kent Bottenfield

Pitching. The one place in all of professional sport where the defense controls the ball. It's a collaborative effort with the catcher to call the game to the pitchers strengths and the batters weakness. In this interview with Kent Bottenfield, he touches on the art of pitching, Mark McGwire, the Expos, Jeff Bagwell, tipping pitches, and what an opening day MLB game in Portland would mean to him.

FEBRUARY 2003 - Rick Sweet

"How do you balance wins with developing players for MLB?" "What's Gaylord Perry's spitball like to handle?" These questions, plus getting to the heart of professional baseball in Portland is the subject of this interview with former MLB catcher, and current Portland Beavers manager, Rick Sweet.

DECEMBER 2002 - Bobby Doerr

Hall of Famer. Red Sox legend. Bobby Doerr covers the ground in this extensive interview. Subjects include Ted Williams, breaking up Bob Feller's no-hitters, getting Joe DiMaggio in a rundown, the '46 World Series, his career in the PCL, and a life spent in baseball.

NOVEMBER 2002 - Scott Brosius

What better subject for an Oregon Stadium Campaign interview than one of Oregon’s best-known baseball stars, Scott Brosius? Scott talks about life after playing in the Majors, performance enhancing drugs, living and growing up in Oregon, playing in the World Series, and much, much more.

OCTOBER 2002 - Chipper Jones

How many players would you recognize right off the bat just by their first names? Ichiro, Kirby, Cal, Sammy.... "Chipper" talks life with the Braves, fans, family, and defensive and offensive baseball.

AUGUST 2002 - Rob Neyer

Rob is just a regular guy like the rest of us baseball fans. And being like us is what makes him so different. Because it makes his writing--whether it be in his column, in his books, or in interviews--more personal. Rob tells it like it is in this interview which covers Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio, the DH, "Dilution of talent", and living in Portland.

JULY 2002 - Fred Claire

Before beginning his thirty-year career with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Fred Claire worked for twelve years as a sports editor, columnist, and baseball writer. If there was anyone that understands the business of baseball, Fred Claire does. In this interview, Fred talks the history of the Dodgers, Vin Scully, the PCL and Portland, and the overall health and well-being of MLB.

JUNE 2002 - Dwight Jaynes

To call Dwight Jaynes Oregon's "godfather of professional sports reporting" would not be an exaggeration. Dwight has sports--and Oregon--in his blood...and also in his résumé.